Kick-up your Mats with V-Grooves

Your probably wandering…what is a v-groove? It is a common form of a decorative Mat; it can be best described as two bevels that run side by side and come together within the core of the mat. The v-groove is a simple and elegant line that is cut into the mat, they can be oval, octagonal or anything else. The v-groove can also be a combination of multiple lines cut within the mat.

The v-groove can also add a hint of color …this can be accomplished by using mat with a color core. For a more understated look consider a white v-groove on a white mat, a black mat with a black core, etc.
An example of a v-groove is above, the v-groove is the outer lines in the mat; As you can view the artwork above, one can see how a v-groove adds dimension to the artwork.