Got Old Old Photo’s-Make a Collage!


When it comes to combining several photographs in one frame, the logical answer is a multiple-opening mat.  It lets you be creative with color schemes, photo orientation, and even window shapes, (circles, ovals, stars etc) while getting the job done.  And this tried and true design is a good place to start.  But with a few alternatives and twists, we can help you create a unique, custom design that accentuates your photo’s.

One option is to add dimension to the photo collage by floating some photos over the traditional multi-opening mat.  If you have some photos that are more important than others, we can top mount those photos to make them more prominent and give them the attention they deserve.  Or for a less formal look, w can overlap some of your photo’s to create a cozy collage.                                                    

 By looking beyond the traditional layout of mutiple-opening frames, we can help you create a special custom frame design that will reflect the importance of your photos and memories.

Source Picture Frame Magazine 2011