Framing Pastel Art

Pastel is a medium that straddles the line between painting an drawing.  The finished pieces can look just as luscious and luminescent as paintings.  Yet the process to create them resembles drawing more than painting.

Pastel paintings refer to completed works in which the entire surface blend ability, combined with their luscious texture, finished artworks often emanate the same depth and richness as paintings.  Pastel art can be accidentally smudged all too easily; therefore, when selecting a framing store to frame your pastel artwork insure they know how to properly handle the matting and framing of pastel artwork.

An professional framer will offer several options if matting will be used such as: Standard Bevel with Double Mat, Standard Bevel Double  with foam lifer, Reverse Bevel Double Mat, Reverse Bevel Double Mat with Lifer, etc.

Finally, when selecting the glazing for the pastel artwork a professional framer and can provide the pro and cons of each;  However, if using acrylic you’ll need to insure that the acrylic is held as far away from the surface of the pastel art; this will decrease the affect the static will have on attracting loose pastel dust.

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