Framing Old Buried Treasures from the Attic

Are you thinking of redecorating or refurbishing rooms in your home? Have you found treasures in your attic or basement or at a flea market that you would like to display bit look too old or warn? Let us give your old frame design new life. We can redesign and reframe old projects to fit with your new decor.

Matting and framing go hand-in-hand to create a fresh, new look. A plain mat and frame can be transformed into a beautiful display piece for any home or office. Styles change throughout the years and you can keep your art up to date as well. Mat layers and artistic designs and cuts with bolder widths and decorative corners and lines can yield dramatic results.

Objects like records or tickets or entertainment memorabilia also lend themselves to interesting frame designs. We can frame anything and everything to fit in with your home decor. So stop by with your buried treasures and we will turn them into wonderful one of kind frame design.

Source (PFM 2009)