Framing Needleart

Needleart is no less a work if art than a painted canvas; the stitcher simply took up a needle and thread instead of a brush and paints.
This statement emphasizes the value and importance of needlework through the ages. Perhaps you have some dolies or handkerchiefs from your grandparents lying around the attic. Or maybe you tolied over a needlepoint to hang in the living room for all to admire. Is there a sampler with a saying that you would like to hang in the hallway?
At Dilworth Custom Framing we pride ourselves on framing needleart, taking extra care to preserve your fondest memories. There are two techniques that are common when framing needleart; lacing and couching. Lacing is used when the edges of a work must be covered due to wear and tear or for aesthetic reasons. Couching allows the entire needleart to be showcased. Any textiles, including clothes, scarves, dresses and more, can be mounted and framed for display. You may even add other sentimental objects to create a one-of-a kind frame design. Stop by and see some examples and let us show you our ideas for creating a custom design for your beautiful needleart.

Source:Picture Frame Magazine