Framing Black/White Photos with Color!

By adding style, texture and color, today’s black-and-white photography frame designs go far beyond the white mats and black frames of the past.  Over the past century, frame design for black-and-white photos has traditionally meant using a white mat and a simple black stem frame based on the idea that stark non-design will never get in the way of the beauty of the photographic image.  It is also supported by the early limitations of rag board, mat colors and moulding profiles; frame design also clings to traditions.

Today, a white or black mat with a black frame is no longer gospel for framing black-and -white photos.  Sticking to early design trends has also become a matter of individual choice, not a concrete rule.  Even purist collectors have begun to see the value in a frame with a little more style,texture or color variation.

Article from PFM, October 2015  Page 30-31.