Floater Frames: Versatile Design Option

When framing a piece of art on canvas, take a look at a float frame for a different effect. Most mouldings have a lip to hold the art in the frame, but floats have a shelf-like ledges at the back to support it. A float frame is especially important when framing gallery wraps or other canvases when art is painted near the outer edges.
Float frames can stand alone or be used in conjunction with other mouldings, liners, or mats. These frames mostly house contemporary art. However, more conventional pieces can be placed in a float frame with traditional moulding around it to create a more classic look.
Float frames can combine with other mouldings for a variety of width, texture, and color. Mixing styles and colors adds interest and creativity to any framing project, including mirrors. Stop by and explore the design possibilities of a custom-made float frame