Closed Corner Frames


Fast Frame Charlotte has been selected by AMCI/Regence to carry thier Closed Corner Frames.

What is a Closed Corner Frame?

Closed corner frames, also known as finished corner frames, are the ultimate in framing quality and craftsmanship. While most custom picture frames today are cut from mass-produced, pre-finished lengths of moulding, closed corner frames are made by building the frame first and then applying the finish. This traditional method, used for centuries, makes for enduring and beautiful frames with strong, clean, virtually seamless corner

Many of these professionally hand made frames are considerably more expensive than regular frames, but provide a distinctive look and finished quality that makes them STAND APART from any other frames available. These frames are not only made to order in any size, they can be made with an assortment of finishes and colors.

Every AMCI / Regence is hand-crafted in the United States using only the finest materials.